Hey coach,

We'll help you add at least $5,000 in NEW sales to your business in 16 weeks, GUARANTEED!*

(*NO CATCH! You'll only be required to show up fully for the program and do the work. You think you can do it? 😉 )

Full Terms & Conditions apply

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00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds




Get a FREE ticket to The Mindset Reset (Virtual) Mini Retreat ($997 value)





00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds


For beginner and aspiring online coaches who are ready to kickstart their business with a proven roadmap to hitting financial freedom and success.


Make Bank While Making a Difference™

If there’s one thing I know for sure, it’s that you’re wildly capable of building the online coaching business of your dreams.

I believe that women who know what they want and are willing to work for it are unstoppable.

I also believe they deserve to have strategy, support, and community every step along the way so they don’t have to chase their big, scary dreams alone. 

Having the right support in your corner is the one thing that can drastically cut the time it'll take you to scale your business to $5k months and beyond.

You already know this though, that's why you're here.

Let me guess... you've thought about starting your coaching business but you're:

😩 Overwhelmed by all the steps that go into making it a success
😰 Unsure where to even start because you don’t know what you don’t know
😔 Feeling like too many people are already online coaches so there isn’t room for you
🥴 Doubting you have what it takes and fears are holding you back
😵 Stuck in information overload because you can’t figure whose advice you should follow

Oooh girl, I so get it.

REAL TALK: running a business isn’t nearly as easy as it looks on the ‘gram

But that doesn't mean you should let these challenges stand in your way and give up on your dreams. Truth be told, there ARE a lot of online coaches out there, but just because it might feel saturated from the outside looking in, doesn’t mean it’s competitive.

(tbh, if you could really see the inside of their businesses, most people aren’t doing it right). 

OCK will give you the edge you need to claim your space as the heart-centered, ambitious coach you are. 

All you need to do is trust yourself, show up ready to learn, and be dedicated to doing the work. I’ll handle the rest.

Here's How It Works:

Online Coach Kickstart® is NOT a boring course-- instead, we pair a self-paced curriculum WITH mentorship via daily high-level coaching. It's the industry-leading group mentorship program for new health, fitness, nutrition, mindset, and life coaches who want to build wildly successful businesses.

Together over 16 weeks, we will cover everything you need to know in order to launch + fill your coaching program with dream clients, hit $5k+ months doing what you LOVE, and step into the CEO role that you’ve been dreaming about. All of which happens through daily coaching support, real-time feedback, accountability, and an incredible community. 

This program is tried and tested, with HUNDREDS of students before you, which means that at this point we can GUARANTEE your results. If you show up consistently and put in the work, and by some chance don't generate at least $5,000 in new sales...we will keep coaching for FREE you until you do!

You're not the only one taking accountability for your results, so are we.

Just fill out a short application, and if you’re accepted, we’ll reach out to confirm it’s a perfect fit, go over investment options, and answer any questions you might have! 




Apply now to receive Content Boss FREE when you sign up for Online Coach Kickstart.

Normally $997

7 Comprehensive Breakthrough Modules

Confidence in Your Instagram Presence

24/7 Access to All Course Material

Lifetime Access to Future Updates

The Kickstart Roadmap

Here's everything you'll get inside the Online Coach Kickstart®:

✔️ ​8 VIDEO WORKSHOPS  | Ready to learn how to master client attraction, create irresistible offers, price your services, sell without being "salesy," and way, way more? These pre-recorded, 90-minute in-depth videos are where you'll learn the A-Zs of running your dream business. *LIFETIME ACCESS* 

​✔️ 16 WEEKS OF IMPLEMENTATION SUPPORT M-F | Not only do we make sure to give you all the strategies you need to understand, but when it comes time to implement you'll receive dedicated feedback from Marie and your support coach to support you in hitting your goals.

​✔️ 16 GROUP COACHING CALLS |  Join your coaches for live coaching sessions to receive more high-level strategies, focused accountability, and maximum support in real time. This means immediate problems solved, and action plans created. 

​✔️  16 WEEKS 24/7 COMMUNITY ACCESS | We know that community is often an underrated key to success, so our group Voxer channel is a place where our students connect and network with other ambitious women, get ongoing support, receive feedback, and ultimately focus on keeping the vibes high and momentum going strong.

✔️ ​BONUS: GUEST EXPERT TRAININGS | Fill in every business gap with access to our guest expert vault with training videos on small business law, bookkeeping + finance, and more! Often times the nitty-gritty, technical business fears can hold us back from taking action, but not in this program. [$997 VALUE]

✔️ ​BONUS: BUSINESS BUILDING WORKBOOK | For most students, it's not enough to just watch training videos which is why I've created dozens of follow-along worksheets, templates, checklists, and more to help you implement everything you learn with complete confidence [$549 VALUE]

✔️ BONUS: COACHING CONTRACT TEMPLATE | This exact contract template from the industry-leading lawyers at The Contract Shop®. normally runs $455, but I'm footing the bill for you to get it completely FREE! You'll get the editable template along with step-by-step instructions for setting it up to make your business 100% legally legit. PLUS receive a training video and tutorial from the TCS founding attorney to ensure your contract is water-tight. [$495 VALUE + $249 VALUE]

Plus, you get access to the curriculum for *life*!

You'll get all the tools you need to:

Attract your dream clients to work with you above anyone else 
Create killer content + grow your social media following 
Master the art of selling without being 'salesy'
Build a thriving + sustainable biz by  doing what you LOVE

Are you a details person?

Here's the nitty gritty breakdown of each workshop:


 Get your Kickstart Roadmap to success and learn the strategies for standing out and setting yourself up for success in the online coaching industry, no matter how much competition there is

✔️ Unlock the Kickstart Roadmap to freedom and success 
✔️ Get crystal clear on WHO you help and HOW you can help them so you can niche down strategically without missing out on potential clients 
✔️ Understand how to use your own story as your best testimonial and source of authority + connection


Master content creation and client attraction so that you can get fully booked with dream clients and grow a loyal following

✔️ Optimize your social media profile approach to attract ideal clients and make them hit ‘follow’
✔️ Learn exactly what potential clients are looking for in your content so that you can serve, nurture, and ultimately convert them into sales… even if you’re not a ‘social media person’ yet
✔️ Unlock the OCK content planning system that helps you plan 30 days of posts in 60 minutes or less (without ever running out of things to say)


Follow the Transformation Mapping™ process to formulate + price your unique coaching program with total confidence

✔️ Discover the fastest way to go full time based on the structure + pricing of your coaching (this is MAJOR)
✔️ Get the essential guidelines for creating life-changing results + serving happy clients who can’t wait to re-enroll (and hook you up with all of the referrals)
✔️ Master the art of communicating the incredible value you offer so that it’s an easy ‘YES’ for your prospective clients 


Learn how to strategically set up your business like a well-oiled machine so that you can deliver on client experience and scale like a boss

✔️ Learn exactly what platforms, tools, and processes you need to serve clients + stay organized every step of the way (all with little-to-no start-up costs)
✔️ Steal our detailed client checklist to ensure that every single person is signed, onboarded, and served with intention
✔️ Receive templates for your client applications, check-in processes, programs, and resources 


Learn the step-by-step sales process that will give you complete confidence in your selling skills and make your coaching an easy 'YES' for ideal clients

✔️ Get the essential elements of an empowering, authentic sales process that makes it easy for your dream clients to say ‘YES’ (without ever feeling ‘salesy’ or gross) 
✔️ Master our step-by-step sales process that will help you identify, nurture, qualify, and close the RIGHT leads
✔️ Receive the OCK sales call blueprint + sales script so you know exactly WHAT to say and HOW say it (including how to handle all of the most common objections)


Unlock the exclusive OCK lead generation process so that you can get (and stay) fully booked, no matter how small your audience is

✔️ Learn exactly where to find prospects and how to build genuine relationships with people who have been waiting for your offer to change their lives
✔️ Get out of the friend zone and into sales mode with strategic conversion points and conversation shifts
✔️ Receive our tried + tested lead nurture schedule + system to make prospecting an easy and efficient part of your sales process


Bust through mindset blocks + limiting beliefs while learning how to work smarter, not harder so you can experience true freedom

✔️ Identify and get the tools for overcoming the most common mindset blocks for entrepreneurs so you can grow with confidence
✔️ Learn game-changing productivity principles that will help you work smarter, not harder (and get to actually ENJOY the perks of being a CEO)
✔️ Snag the must-have tools + systems to make the most of your work efforts


✔️ Get the Momentum Checklist to keep you on a smooth, growth trajectory (and avoid ever feeling stuck)
✔️ Understand all of your options for scaling + expanding your business, including hiring team members, adding to your offer suite, building an email list, and more
✔️ Discover the leverage points in your business for maximizing your impact + income (small changes that can make HUGE differences)


✔️  Legal Basics for Online Coaches with Christina Scalera of The Contract Shop® (+ Contract Confidence Co-Working Session)
✔️  Online Business Finance 101 with Dondrea Owens of The Creative's CFO (Marie's CFO!)
✔️  CEO Mindset + Sales Confidence with Topsie Vandenbosch, LMSW 
✔️  Prospecting Leads +  DM Sales with Madalynne Americano of Authentic Connections Media


✔️  Get the #1 trusted contract template for online coaches for FREE (retails for $455)
✔️  Contract template follow-along video tutorial to ensure you can hit 'send' with confidence
✔️  Save hundreds on this legal essential so you can start serving your dream clients ASAP


Topsie VandenBosch, LMSW

Mindset Coach for Female Entrepreneurs, Founder of Destroy the Mindset Drama™

Madalynne Americano

CEO + Co-Founder of Authentic Connection Media™, the #1 Prospecting + DM Sales Agency for Coaches 

Christina Scalera, Attorney

CEO + Founder of The Contract Shop®, the #1 Legal + Contract Resource for Online Businesses

Dondrea Owens, CPA

CEO + Founder of The Creative's CFO® and Marie's longtime CFO

Life-Changing Results from OCK Alumni

This is what's waiting for you on the inside!


Online Coach Kickstart®

so effective?

Getting your coaching business off the ground has a LOT of moving pieces, let’s be honest. But OCK cuts out all of the noise and confusion so that you can gain traction and get results ASAP.

With our in-depth workshops, group coaching calls, high-vibe community, and daily access to OCK coaches for personalized feedback, support, and accountability, you’ll be supported EVERY step of the way—you’ll never have to do it alone again.

OCK gives ambitious online coaches literally everything they need in order to create the business (and life) they've been day-dreaming about.

which is why past ock students experience massive wins like:

⚡️Quitting their unfulfilling 9-5 job to run their coaching business full-time
⚡️Signing their first 5, 10, 15, or 20 clients by the end of the 16 weeks
⚡️Exceeding the salary from their day job (hellooo $5k+ months!)
⚡️Covering their mortgage just from their coaching income
⚡️Spending more time with their family thanks to a flexible schedule 
⚡️Securing $10k in sales within 1 month of launching their coaching
⚡️Having the means + freedom to expand their family
⚡️Using their new time and financial freedom to take epic vacations around the world
⚡️Feeling more confident and capable than ever before
⚡️Meeting lifelong biz besties who 1000% GET IT and want to see them win
⚡️Hitting the $100k mark in their first year of business
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There’s truly no other container like this out there, especially from someone who has built a 7-figure business (and counting) from these exact frameworks.

(and yep, they work perfectly for beginners too.)

Online Coach Kickstart® makes it possible for you to:

  • Get crystal clear on your goals + how to reach them-- we'll identify + attract your dream clients, master content creation, build an aligned business plan, set up your streamlined systems, and walk together each step of the way. 
  • Receive step-by-step guidance along the way through in-depth workshops + group coaching sessions, OCK will teach you the best way to build a thriving business, one step at a time. This is a proven blueprint that has transformed hundreds of businesses (see ya never overwhelm!)
  • ​Master a robust toolbox of proven strategies with industry best practices, complete with templates, worksheets, checklists, and sales scripts so you can execute with confidence.
  • Experience ongoing implementation support from Marie + your coaches so you're never left wondering how. We're available to offer feedback and answer questions whenever they come up so you always have the answers and accountability you need to keep the momentum going. You have a question, we have the answer.
  • ​​Be immersed in a tight-knit community of women who GET IT and are always ready to hype you up because you aren’t supposed to do it alone.



Apply now to receive Content Boss FREE when you sign up for Online Coach Kickstart.

Normally $997


Our students are constantly sharing wins like...

You know you’re meant for more.

It’s time to claim a brighter future, full of abundant freedom, impact, and income. You know now is THE time to change your future and start changing the lives of so many other people who need your help, too.

"The best way to predict your future is to create it."

Online Coach Kickstart® is the ULTIMATE program built specifically for online coaches BY s seasoned online coach who gets 👏🏼 it 👏🏼

find me featured on

Hi, I’m Marie & when I first started my coaching business, I struggled HARD.

 My fitness coaching business started back in 2015 after I realized the impact I could create was more important than the fears that were holding me back.

Every client was a battle to get and I had no idea if I was even connecting with the women I wanted to work with.

I was working my butt off and the results didn’t match the effort. I knew something had to change, and that’s when I decided to hire my first mentor.

It was terrifying to invest my hard-earned money into my business for the first time but it paid off and changed EVERYTHING.

1 client turned into 5, and then 5 into 20, and then before I knew it I was running a wellness coaching business bringing in a quarter of a million-dollars annually, all without ads or complicated funnels, and changing the lives of hundreds, if not thousands, of women around the world. 

I’ve since become a 7-figure business coach and invested over $200,000 into mentors, courses, conferences, and programs to become a master at what I do. (Oh yeah, and I have degrees in this stuff, too)

Over the years, having access to the knowledge and expertise of women who have done what I want to do has SKYROCKETED my results, to the point where my business consistently DOUBLES year-over-year, because I know how to scale sustainably and be supported along the way. 

Now it’s YOUR turn to bet on yourself and gain access to the proven roadmap with robust workshops, templates, worksheets, checklists, sales scripts, bonus resources , coaching calls, and more. It’s time to kickstart + scale your own highly-successful online coaching business.

Meet Just a Few of the OCK Success Stories:


"Within OCK, I learned so much... How to find my [ideal client], attract them, communicate with them, facilitate their amazing, life-changing transformation... Those skills propelled my business... 

Now I'm so mind-blown to say that I've made $45,000 within OCK, and we haven't finished yet!!!"


"OCK truly gives you focus and direction... If you are on the fence, I would say 'you need to take the plunge! You have to invest in yourself. You have to invest in your business.'

By the end of OCK I had 8 one-on-one clients. I had raised my prices by the end of the program and created a group program!"


"[As a personal trainer] I was working around the clock... I was exhausted, and I just didn't want to live my life like that.

I had wanted to start an online training business, but I couldn't get the traction. I didn't know where to start.

Marie was so great-- once I was able to use her systems, it clicked and my business took off! [OCK] saved me months of time, maybe even years."


"I felt so confident going into launching-- I started with absolutely no clients making no money per month, and now I have over 18 clients and am just under the $5,000 mark within two months of starting my business.

I'm able to provide for my family while doing what I truly love to do.

This has changed my life. I feel like I actually know how to successfully run a business and I owe it all to Marie for teaching me everything!"


"I was afraid to invest in another business coach, but when I came across OCK and saw the modules… I was completely sold because it was exactly what I was looking for.

As you go through the modules, you know what you need to focus on, you know EXACTLY what you need to do to set yourself up for success. 

Overall, my experience was really amazing. My business feels well put together, and I was consistently making $5k per month by the end of the program!"


"I enrolled in OCK, and 5 months later, I’m about to quit my 9-5 job and go full-time into coaching!

I made my money back by the first month of being in the program. I started with 0 clients and now I have 30… which probably seems like a lot, but the systems and structures [that OCK] teach you [how to set up] the structures and systems you need.

Before starting the program, I was so nervous… if you’re on the fence about it, just DO IT! I’m living proof that you can do it, too."

I'm about to get real with you here...


If recent history has taught us ANYTHING, it’s that the ONLY stable “career” is the one you build for yourself… AKA entrepreneurship.

That 9-5 job your parents preached as the way to success isn’t all it was cracked up to be.

I mean… if you get laid off from your corporate job, quite frankly—you’re screwed.

The only true way for you to take control of your future is to CREATE it, and creating a sustainable online business is the ultimate source of autonomy and freedom, no matter what else is going on in the world 

You’ve been wanting a safety net, and now I’m giving it to you. All you have to do is lean in and trust yourself

Is Online Coach Kickstart® for me?

Let's make sure it's the perfect fit, shall we? 

  • You are first and foremost wanting to CHANGE LIVES for the better: being an amazing, highly successful coach takes so much more than good strategy-- it takes HEART. 
  • You know how to get clients results (or will in the near future): the tools we share are POWERFUL, and we want to make sure they get into the right hands
  • ​You are excited to learn and apply new things: you will only be as successful as you are COACHABLE. 
  • ​You want a business that gives you LIFE, not sucks your soul: because life is too short to spend 40 hours a week doing stuff you hate.
  • You are a go-getter who gets shit done: we'll give you the tools, strategies, and support, but you still need to be the one to IMPLEMENT 
  • ​You want to make at least $5k / month with your coaching business: this program is for current and aspiring coaches who are committed to making this a legit business, not just a casual side hustle 
  • You crave a community of badass women: this isn't just another business program, it's an exclusive community of women like you who are ready to take their businesses + lives to the next level. 
  • ​You don't know how to actually coach while there are tons of resources out there for learning HOW to be a coach, this isn't one of them. We handle the business side ONLY.
  • You prefer to be a lone wolf and figure it all out on your own: Troy Bolton said it best:  "we're all in this together"! OCK is for team players who want to connect + get better together
  • ​You’re not ready to implement and make your biz a priority: results can happen FAST when you show up and do the work, but you’ve gotta… show up and do the work. While there will NEVER be a ‘perfect time’, you will need to make OCK a priority! 

Oh, you want more proof?

I gotchu!

"Halfway through... I signed my first client with ease and already made back my investment!"

Before signing up for OCK, I was struggling with knowing where to start and feeling overwhelmed. After completing only half of the program so far, I’m already feeling so much more clarity in what what I need to do, how to prioritize it, and execute without hesitation. I signed my first client with EASE and already made back my investment!

I could have let finances hold me back from working with Marie, but I took the leap because she helped me realize that investing in YOURSELF FIRST, especially when you’re scared to do it, is when magical things start happening.

The best part of Marie’s coaching is she helps you acknowledge your fears and doubts, and then teaches you how to kick them to the curb so you can continue thriving to be the badass Boss that you are destined to be.

"I have accomplished more in two weeks being a part of [OCK] than I had in months on my own."

The best part of OCK is the accountability and support!! I was able to accomplish more in 2 weeks being a part of this group than I had in months on my own. You can’t really put a value on the community that comes from being part of a group of people who have similar goals and are facing similar hurdles as you.

I could have let money or fear hold me back from working with Marie, but I took the leap because I knew her insight would help me excel ... Marie has been where I am, and I knew that investing to work with her would get me where I want to go, faster. Marie’s expertise and insight have helped me grow so much, and we’re not even finished with the program!

Still on the fence?

Let's tackle your FAQ's:

"What's the investment?"
The investment for OCK depends on which payment option you choose + whether you have already purchased any active bonuses. We have flexible payment plans starting as low as $565 a month, and will go over all of the investment options once we've reviewed your application to the program.

“How soon can I make my investment back?”
Industry-standard for online health + fitness coaching is $250-$500/month, with clients signing on for a minimum of 3 months. All you need to do is sign just a small handful of clients to make your investment back and then it’s straight profit! This is 100% doable when you show up and do the work!

“I think I want to try it on my own for now, when will you run this again?”
There will be more chances to join OCK, but the investment will never be this low again. And here’s a little bit of tough love: if you were going to do it on your own, you would have by now. Not investing is costing you so much time, energy, and frustration.

Piecing together free information isn’t going to get you where you want to be and I DON’T want you to give up. By joining OCK right now and betting on yourself, you’ll exponentially increase your success rate and get the support you deserve.

“I’ve got a lot going on, what’s the time commitment?”
The workshops in OCK are self-paced and mobile-friendly so that you can upgrade your business anytime, anywhere. Plus, nearly all OCK students have full-time jobs, are in school, or have a family—knowing this, we designed the program to fit your busy schedule! Your time commitment will start as low as 2-3 hours per week and gradually ramp up... that's only like 3 episodes of Gossip Girl. 

“When do we start?”
New students join every week, so there is no standard start or end date for this program. You will receive access to the curriculum + community immediately upon enrollment! If you choose to pay in full, you’ll unlock all 8 workshops right away, otherwise, they will be dripped out to you on a weekly basis.

Our group coaching call schedule is determined based on the most popular availability among all of our students, and recordings will always be available if you can’t attend!

“Do you offer refunds?”
Our refund policy is the exact same as what I recommend YOU implement in your business: we don’t offer them. We hold our students to their commitments because this program is proven to create epic results as long as you show up, do the work, and are excited to learn.  

"How does the guarantee work?"
OCK is such a tried and tested program that we GUARANTEE your results. 

If you follow the OCK process (complete the modules, implement the recommended strategies, and are fully present in the program) and don't generate at least $5,000 USD in NEW sales within 16 weeks, we will continue coaching you until you do!* 

So basically, as long as you show up and do the work... you're covered 😉

*Our contract includes full terms & conditions

“Will I be working directly with you, Marie?”
Yes!! All of the workshops were created and led by me, and I will be showing up in our community Slack channel on the regular. Plus, our weeky group coaching calls are led by either myself or an amazing OCK support coach. However, OCK does NOT include private coaching access unless you upgrade to a VIP spot, so contact me if that’s what you’re looking for!

I've still got you covered.
  • 1.5 hours of high-level strategy + problem solving: We will dig into your current business (or the one you're dreaming of) to identify strengths, weaknesses, and alllll of the growth opportunities. 
  • ​360° audit + action steps: It's time to take a good look at what's working, what's not, and then make an action plan that encompasses everything you need, like: planning, systems, branding, attracting + serving clients, hiring a team, and how to become the CEO your mom always told you to marry. 
  • Epic goal setting for major clarity: By the end of our session, you'll feel crystal clear about what you want to do AND how to make it happen. 
  • ​Perfect for any level of entrepreneur: Baby coaches + 6-figure biz owners alike will get massive value and leave with game-changing takeaways 

Yay, you read the whole page!

 Now take a deep breath, trust yourself, and submit that application. It could change everything.

All the success stories on this page? It 100% CAN happen for you, too!

This program is for the future industry leaders ready to serve with heart.

The ones who are ready to quit playing small and safe because it’s what they’ve been told to do.

The ones who are ready to blaze their own damn trail because “good enough” is no longer good enough.

The ones who are craving freedom, abundance, and an elevated lifestyle.

The ones who are ready to share their magic with the world and make a rippling impact across the online space.

Can you feel that beating in your chest?

That’s your sign to join us

Now is YOUR time to create everything you desire.

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